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Dynamic development youth forum is situated at Kariakor village Voi district, Taita Taveta County, It’s a non-partisan and non-political forum registered under the ministry of gender children and social development. It’s composed of youths from different tribes and religion and denomination, both Christians and Muslims –who are all likeminded and possess different skills and ideas who have volunteered to serve the community to the fullest.


a)      To promote development to the community by introducing development projects as well as improve living standards to the youths.

b)      To help environmental conservation by volunteering and participating in environmental related activities e.g. tree planting

c)      To promote and enhance economic well-being of the youth through training, education and assisted initiated of economic activities.

d)     To create awareness of HIV/AIDs, Malaria and other diseases through training, seminars, visiting the diseased as well as distribution of condoms.

e)      To partner with other organization, institutions and individuals in conducting activities, survey and any community related activities.

f)       To provide voluntary services to the community

g)      Offering guiding and counseling services to community related issues/matters.

h)      Promote peace and cohesion among communities.

i)        To promote open youth-youth communication.

j)        To enhance leadership development among young people.

k)      Promotion of multi-ethical/multicultural bridge building.

l)        To help and encourage the girls to become responsible, self-reliant and useful women of this and the future generation.


To engage and develop diverse young people to positively impact the world.


To help the youth gain leadership skills and send a positive message to youth throughout the world/community and initiate development projects


Unity, Development, success.



  1. PRAYERS – This will give members power to conquer or resist challenges and all that opposes general empowerment.
  2. HARD-WORK – Enables members achieve the best and the better for the youth and community in general.
  3. HONESTY – This will create a room for co-operation, co-ordination and development.
  4. JUSTICE – This will encourage the independence of the entire responsible member as per hi/her jurisdiction and responsibility.
  5. LOVE – This will encourage unit and togetherness among members
  6. TRANSPARENCY – This will encourage smooth operation of activities within and outside the centre
  7. COMMITMENT –  This will encourage prosperity and development


There are of two categories;

  1. Current activities
  2. Future activities


ü  Peace campaign via short messages

ü  Voluntary clean-up services

ü  Counseling of youth regards to drugs, HIV, etc.

ü  Office cleaning services

ü  Poultry keeping

ü  HIV/AIDs awareness

ü  Car wash

ü  Devolution-civil education project.


Cleanliness is next to Godliness, as the old adage goes; Members have started voluntary clean – up services to our social amenities so as to emphasize on the significant of a clean environment. Members clean – up services in hospital and are determined to have them (services) in weekly basis. It was to be extended up to village level. Members will work together with the community plus the students in ensuring the environment is kept clean. Debris will be allocated and disposed in a suitable manner. Through viable partners, DDYF wish to have dustbins located at different strategic locations so as to maintain a serene environment.

Dynamic members during one of our routine clean-up.

Dynamic members during one of our routine clean-up.

The whole point is to make it a routine for everyone within our county to keep doing this continuous pattern and keep our environment friendly and healthy; we do carry the clean-up initiative once per month. We do hope that in future we will get serious organizations to partner with us so that we can make good use of some recyclable products like plastic waste. If possible use them to make tablets and laptops that are to be used by our future youth in today’s class one pilot project by the Jubilee government. This will shield the government in the cost production per unit and in the long run lesser burden to the taxpayer. In the process of recycling we would also save energy that could be channeled to other uses which can be income generating to the youth thus creating room for employment. On the other hand we are also looking for ways we can use plastic to produce energy which if in good supply can be upgraded to the nation grid and thus reduction of cost of consumption to all Kenyan and global citizens at large. Awareness is being done on a one-on-one basis to emphasize on the necessity of a clean environment.IMG_20140208_100208


Dynamic development youth Forum is very eager to run a poultry farm. The members bought several local breeds to start with and intends to keep them in large flocks so as to supply both meat and eggs to Voi residents, Taita Taveta county community and if needs and situations allows to the rest of the world. Poultry will be raised by the forum members and the returns will be a source of income to the group. This was decided after careful consultation due to the need of supplementing the forums finances. As the project slowly comes to shape we plan on including even indigenous, wild and rare breeds like Quall into our farm for better yields. Apart from poultry we discovered that squirrels are also a very good source of nutrition and in due time Dynamic Forum shall become the only supplier to such delicacy within our region and if the means allow us we could go beyond.kuku


DDYF is geared towards raisings HIV/AIDs awareness in educational institutions. Being one of the forum’s objectives, awareness should be conducted so as to instill knowledge to the society on the dangers of HIV/AIDs. In primary schools, video showing the importance of abstinence should be aired so that the pupils can learn the importance of it. Debates, short skits will be used as another method of raising the awareness. Resource person (living with HIV) will be able to impart the learners with the knowledge too. With the aid of resources like a projector we could even educate more in an infortaining manner thus reaching out with ease to the target groups who most of them are youth.


Dynamic development youth forum aims at providing office cleaning service under contract from government offices, banks, etc. The services will provide employment to the youths hence youth empowerment. This is yet to be actualized as we acquire the right resources and gear to make this come to reality.


Dynamic development forum aims/plans at starting a car wash as one of the forums income and also as a source of employment which intern will have created room for youth empowerment, as a number of youth will be employed under the car wash management. This project is yet to raise more funds towards acquiring a fleet of motor cycles (badaboda) as part of an incubation program aimed at empowering the youth within our community. A busy community reduces chances of crime, idleness and in the end improving our living standards.


We are Kenyans and are proud to be. Our country is facing a lot of changes emanating from our new constitution. As good as we hear about this constitution we have to be informed and aware about every clause in this supreme document of the land. As Dynamic Forum members we have made it our business to making sure that everyone is well acquainted with the knowledge empowered to us by the constitution. We have taken steps to educate masses within our communities to ensure that they understand that a pen is mightier than a sword.

If all of us are aware of what is required of us by the constitution then devolution is headed for a smooth run.


ü  Environmental conservation

ü  Shopping center

ü  Drug and alcohol project

ü  Waste management

ü  Orphanage project

ü  Irrigation project

ü  Ecotourism


We all know that for everything to change it starts with you. Environmental conservation starts with the bubble or sweet wrapper that you throw into a dustbin after you have unwrapped it to enjoy the refreshing taste. We as dynamic development youth forum have a role to play in the environmental conservation. In order to achieve this will need to do several projects in relation to environment. Apart from the clean – up service, which is the gateway to a major plan to waste management, we also need to plant trees.

Trees are a source of nutrition, a good source of water, super soil conservers, a form of shelter for the living organism such as insects, source of medication, among so many other things. In order to conserve and even plant more, we need to educate everyone right from a tender age on the benefits of trees and how to conserve environment. In this way we will create a community/society with a connection to the environment that all live in. take for instance, if every school compound had several fruit trees this will act as a source of nutrition to the pupils & students. Above all the pupils after having learnt about trees, they can also try planting and maintaining the same ever at their homes with the knowledge and inspiration that they can earn a living through planting and conserving trees.

Trees are a source of life. Our forum has plans underway to partner with other interested parties so as to rehabilitate Voi seasonal river. The river has been a good source of sand that has been used for construction and some has been used in the manufacture of glass. Trees along the stream have been cut down and burnt for charcoal, the river course way has lost formation causing unnecessary floods, along the way animals downstream (within Tsavo East National Park) have lost one major source of water (Aruba Dam), farmers and sand harvesters are playing the blame game at the expense of a “MONEY MAKING INITIATIVE.” Our forum intends to take a step of conserving trees along this river. This will be the first with others like “MODA MBOGHO DAM” and many other water sources in mind.

We also think and feel that waste management can be crucial for a good environment. Through this project we can create jobs, specialists, renewable sources of energy, innovation and even recycle some waste for income. This will benefit the forum, its members, the community and community and eventually change the world from day to day, hence the forum plan to start a waste management project to avoid unnecessary environmental pollution.


Statistical speaking Machakos County is the county to watch in terms of investment. This brought about by the fact that the government has huge plans vested there e.g. Konza City (a.k.a East African Silicon Savannah). As for Taita Taveta County we have no project yet that has the same magnitude and effect to the local and regional investors. We as the Dynamic Development youth forum hence plans to occupy one of the unused community lands to create a super mall.

A mall that will have hotels, several social/ conference halls. A multipurpose court for indoor games, a movie theater, offices to let, perusinglot to hire, a youth empowerment center among many other things in it. With that one super mall we will be stimulating the local economy, opening up Voi and Taita Taveta County to interested investors, creating employment, improving the standards of loving, elimination room for idle minds and above all empowering the youth in Taita Taveta County.

To achieve this several mechanism are being strategized and being positioned tactfully for the major plan. We do hope to get cooperation from various concerned authorities and we hope this can be attained in due time.


Due to high lot of young lives due to unnecessary drugs and alcohol use by the youth, dynamic development youth forum foresees the crisis and have decided to take actions in ensuring that our youths are helped/rehabilitated from use effects of drug use, our forum has an alcohol project which will have three phases/stages, namely research, solution and supervision. Research stage will be the stage to identify the main suppliers and distributors of these local brews which will be conducted by the use of questionnaires method of collecting data/information, solution stage will be a stage where decision will be made in reducing alcohol harm which will include reduction of number of suppliers and distributors, setting special time for the opening of local brew selling centers/points and heavy licensing. The supervision stage this is the stage where the forum members will be supervising the sites/points to ensure the set rules and registration are followed, ensuring that only the authorized vendors provide the services in case of rule breakage law actions will be taken. The forum hopes the project will be successful and in turn we will have helped our youth, men and women who had lost direction. The forum does look forward to partner and work hand in hand with relevant organization if possible develops a rehabilitation center.


Being an orphan is not an accident but in reality its God’s plan and no one was born to be an orphan.2014-02-08 11.02.28 Orphans need care and attention as any other person as they have their rights as human beings as stipulated in our constitution. So far we have made one Orphan visit to St. Jude in collaboration with change makers.nice

We have come up with a project whereby we will be identifying the orphans at the village level. We will be taking them to different orphanages available through partnership with these orphanages and homes. We will be giving them required support and assistance as per our capability and ability e.g. clothes, food, advice and any other assistance. In the process we do hope to start an orphanage home of our own where we can take care of the orphans by ourselves and with the support of other stakeholders.Mr. Chairmannice on


IMG_20140204_150148_0Agriculture being one of the most contributing sector economically, we as dynamic development youth forum has the feeling/concern that the sector need to be improved, and as dynamic we have decided to take the initiative of helping farmer improve their farming strategies by providing different agricultural trainings, providing irrigation services at a cheaper price so as to ensure efficiency operation of the sector as well as providing different agricultural relevant services.20120101_031858 The most planned agriculture activity by the group is on coconut farming an initiative which was insisted by the group chairman having got the opportunity of attending an international coconut conference held at Whited on 11th -20th September 2013. The chairman had all it take in supporting coconut farming after getting important knowledge on the economic plants. The forum also plans to invent invest in livestock farming when it has started having local poultry breeds and plans to keep Kenbro for economic and investments purpose.


Ecotourism is the new way of tourism today. As Dynamic members we do plan to start these tours with homes stays as our main source of shelter. This in return will bring income to the local community and increase tourism tours even outside the game parks and reserves. We are slowly formulating a business plan to this project with the aim of having our own ecotourism center where we can fully exercise this. For a start we can start with tented camps then will slowly graduate to cottages. Services will range to ordinary sleepovers to luxury services like personalized massage, customized foot tours to the Taita hills and more. We also intend to run our own website specializing on the tourism sector.


IMG_20140201_122531As an act of love, valor and solidarity to our community we, the Dynamic Development Youth Forum, have a community day after every two months. In this program The Dynamic members get to interact with the community around us. We get to help the poor, the vulnerable and the sick in our community.1800491_247154555462821_384117982_n

Recent activity in collaboration with the Coast Institute of Technology (C.I.T) and Change Makers was at the Moi District Hospital where we visited the sick children to console them. We even donated food stuffs, cleaning services and above all we shared love and had fun even in their current state.

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